Kenton County SpringBoard Math

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What is SpringBoard Math?

SpringBoard is the College Board’s college and career readiness program for all students in grades 6–12. Its flexible framework integrates rigorous instruction, performance-based assessment, and exemplary professional development.

Why SpringBoard Math?

The 2014 edition of SpringBoard delivers a highly engaging, student-centered program in mathematics that supports goals of the Common Core State Standards. SpringBoard integrates the Standards for Mathematical Practice into each lesson as an authentic way to learn the content.
Common Core Standards- Math

Standards for Mathematical Practice

Addressing Instructional Shifts

SpringBoard offers a flexible framework that helps math teachers build students’ college and career readiness by successfully implementing the powerful shifts demanded by the Common Core. SpringBoard’s unique instructional design enables teachers to:
  • Focus instruction on fewer topics in greater depth.
  • Ensure that major topics are presented coherently across grade levels.
  • Provide ample opportunity for rigor with a balanced emphasis on procedural fluency, conceptual understanding, and proficiency with mathematical practices.

Curriculum Maps and Pacing Guides


Curriculum Map with dates

Supplemental Materials

6th Grade-Course 1

upplements-6th Grade

6th Grade Prep

Supplements- 6th Grade

7th Grade Course 2B

Supplements- 7th Grade

7th Grade- Course 2

Supplements- 7th Grade

7th Grade Prep

Supplements- 7th Grade
Supplements- 8th Grade

8th Grade-Course 3B

Supplements-8th Grade

8th Grade- Course 3

Supplements-8th Grade

8th Grade- Algebra I

Supplements- Algebra I

Algebra I- Full Year

Supplements- Algebra I

Algebra I- Trimesters

Supplements- Algebra I

Geometry- Full Year

Supplements- Geometry

Geometry- Trimesters

Supplements- Geometry

Algebra II- Full Year

Supplements- Alg II

Algebra II- Trimesters

Supplements- Algebra II

Link to RTI materials by RIT band

RTI resources by RIT band

Link to MDC wiki

MDC wiki

Link to SpringBoard Digital

SpringBoard Digital

Instructional Resources:

Unpacking Embedded Assessments

Geometry Unpacking Video
6th Grade Unpacking Video

Annotated EA Photo 5.png

Stoplight Photo 3.png

Collaborative Learning

sound bites photo.jpg

Reading Strategies

Deliberate Vocabulary Instruction

Differentiation Model

Accountable Talk

Accountable Talk Video Sample